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6 Ways to Get Your Toddler Healthy Gums

May 26, 2016


Oftentimes, we are so focused on having healthy teeth that we lose sight of our gum health. However, your gums are imperative to your oral health, and also play a larger role in the overall health of your body. In toddlers, healthy gums can help prevent the pain caused by teething and bacteria buildup. Great…
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Top Five Healthy Snacks for the ‘On-The-Go’ Family

May 12, 2016


Caring for your child is a round’ the clock type of job that requires a lot of legwork and travel. Whether it’s ballet or baseball, it seems as if there’s always somewhere to be, and something to do. Often times, what’s lost in all of the after-school commotion is the quality of your child’s snack…
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Important: Essential Tips to Manage a Dental Emergency

April 28, 2016


By definition an emergency is generally unexpected, which means you didn’t plan on an accident occurring (of course!)  But you can prepare for common dental emergencies in case they do happen.  Knowing what to do can sometimes be the difference in saving or losing a tooth.  Here are a few essential tips to read over…
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Four Tips for Keeping Your Kids Cavity Free

April 14, 2016


Did you know that the most common chronic disease of children and teens is tooth decay?  Even worse, the CDC reports that nearly 20% of children’s cavities are left untreated.  What may be even more surprising is that nearly all cavities are 100% preventable.  In fact, simply by following these 6 steps, you could help…
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The Trouble With Juice, Preventing Infant Cavities

March 31, 2016


When we think of healthy alternatives to soda and other sugary drinks, its often common to look to fruit juice as a healthy alternative. Generally high in essential vitamins, fruit juice can be a much better choice than other beverages. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the worst offenders. The sugars and citric acid found in most fruit juices cause double trouble for teeth, and can lead to tooth decay at an early age.

Sports Drinks Not a Tooth-Healthy Alternative to Soda

March 17, 2016


Kids and teens love sports drinks. In fact, studies have shown that these “thirst quenchers” are consumed by 62% of adolescents every day. But are they good for your child’s body or teeth? And are they truly necessary for sports performance? Here are a few facts:

Four Ways to Fight Foul Breath

March 3, 2016


  Bad breath can affect people of all ages.  Using mouth sprays and mints only cover up symptoms because bad breath is the result of bacteria build up. When air passes over that bacteria, it dries and causes a foul smell. There are four easy ways you and your children can avoid this persistent problem and…
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Cutting Back on Sugar, Five Tips

February 18, 2016


Too much sugar can be bad news for your health.  When left on your teeth, sugar gives bacteria the food it needs to thrive and create cavities.  Further, high sugar has been linked to obesity, diabetes and poor heart health.  And while the average American consumes 22 grams of sugar a day (that’s twice the…
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