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Help For Those Finding it Difficult to Floss

October 17, 2013


According to the American Dental Association, nearly 20% of Americans never floss.  Many people invariably view flossing as optional which causes it to become one of the most frequently neglected parts of any oral care routine.  But as much of a plaque fighter that your toothbrush is, it simply cannot reach all the tight spots…
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Ideas For A Candy Free Halloween

October 3, 2013


What if you want to hand out tooth friendly Halloween treats but don’t want to get on the “trick” list?  We believe that a candy free Halloween can be even more fun than one coated in sugar.  Here are 5 ideas to help you be the most popular house on the street while saving tiny…
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Why Do Pirates Have Bad Teeth? ­­­­

September 19, 2013


  Have you ever noticed that pirates all seem to have bad teeth?  Have you ever wondered why? Probably not, but in honor of “International Speak Like a Pirate Day” we thought we would share why pirates have such a poor reputation for terrible chompers!  And the answers might also give us some helpful ideas…
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Should Your Insurance Company Dictate Your Level of Dental Care?

September 5, 2013

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  We often have patients decide not to have certain procedures performed because their insurance does not cover that particular service.  Sadly, this is especially true of preventative procedures.  It can be frustrating for dentists when a service needs to be performed, but the decision of an insurance company gets in the way. Don’t let…
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4 Baby Teeth Myths Debunked

August 19, 2013


  There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about a child’s first teeth.  Primary teeth, also called milk teeth or baby teeth, are the temporary teeth that end up under pillows and provide plenty of business for the tooth fairy!  Here are four myths about baby teeth that every parent should know: #1 Baby…
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When Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

August 2, 2013


Is it time to get rid of your old toothbrush and pick up a new one?  Great oral health begins with the right tools and your toothbrush is the first line of defense.  Here are four great tips to help make sure your toothbrush is in top shape!  

Yogurt and Your Teeth.

July 18, 2013


  Yogurt is a dental super food.  Yogurt is more popular than ever as a healthy choice for those seeking to supplement their diet with a food that will help their overall health.  Several respected studies over the last few years have continuously shown that yogurt has benefits far beyond digestive health.  Here are a…
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