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Why Choose a Dentist that Focuses on Pediatric Patients?

January 21, 2016


While most parents understand the benefits of having a pediatrician for their child instead of simply a general doctor, it’s not often clean why a pediatric dentist is just as necessary and preferable over a general dentist.

Tips to Make Your Child (and you!) a Pro Flosser

January 7, 2016


Flossing removes plaque between the teeth and gum-line where a toothbrush can’t reach. In fact some sources indicate that brushing alone only reaches 35% of your tooth surfaces.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked practices in caring for our teeth.   You should floss your child’s teeth daily until he or she can do…
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Your Kids Will Love These Simple After School Snack Ideas

December 24, 2015


One of the challenges of eating healthy is time.  Busy parents often find that warming up a frozen snack or opening a packaged sweet is easier than making something healthy. Add to the problem of convenience the fact that many kids can be choosy about what they eat. We believe that having healthy teeth begins…
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Gift Ideas: Fun Dentist Approved Books!

December 10, 2015


  We want children have a more positive view of going to the dentist.  Preventing and alleviating the fear associated with dental visits is important in encouraging future overall oral health.  Adults who are not afraid to go to the dentist are more likely to keep up with regular visits and be proactive in the…
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Caffeine and Your Kid’s Teeth

November 12, 2015


    Kids are drinking less soda.  This fantastic news should also mean that they’re consuming less caffeine, but in fact, the amount of caffeine that kids are getting on a daily basis is on the rise.  Recent studies have shown that 73% of American children consume at least some caffeine every day.  This can…
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