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Can Chocolate Actually be Good for Your Teeth?

February 6, 2014


  Whether we are giving chocolate to the ones we love or whether we just love chocolate, we also care about our teeth. And while candy generally doesn’t mix well with keeping teeth healthy, dark chocolate (the kind with at least 70% cocoa) can actually be a cavity fighter. That’s obviously good news for chocolate…
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Tooth Friendly Super Bowl Snacks

January 23, 2014


    Are you ready for the Big Game?  A Super Bowl get-together demands super snacks but not at the expense of your teeth.  That’s why we’ve put together a few tasty game day snacking ideas with healthy ingredients.  Of course, these are snacks, and none of them are perfect.  Regardless of what you eat,…
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Thumbsucking and Your Child’s Teeth

January 9, 2014

Thumbsucking and Your Child's Teeth

  Thumbsucking is a very common habit for young children and is usually nothing to worry about.  However, it can be a concern when the habit continues or when it begins to cause problems with normal oral development.  Here’s everything you need to know about thumbsucking and what can be done to help your child…
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Resolutions for a Cavity-Free Year

December 26, 2013

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Did you know that the most common chronic childhood disease is tooth decay?  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one out of every five children in the US has an untreated cavity.  More than 51 million school hours are lost every year because of dental problems.  Moreover, nearly 100% of cavities…
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Solutions to 5 Common Causes of Bad Breath

December 12, 2013


  Bad breath, or halitosis is a common problem for people of all ages.  While some bad breath is normal, such as what’s caused by certain foods, bad breath may also be a symptom of something greater.  Here are five common causes of bad breath and their solutions: Cause: Smelly food Foods with a strong…
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Brushing Right After Eating May Harm Your Teeth

November 28, 2013

Brushing after meels 150

  One of the most surprising facts of caring for your teeth is that you should actually wait at least an hour after eating before brushing.  In fact, brushing right after a meal may actually do more damage than good. Here’s why you shouldn’t brush your teeth immediately after eating. Your tooth enamel, the hardest…
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Chewing Gum: Facts, Fun and Your Teeth

November 14, 2013

Chewing Gum and your teeth

The History of Chewing Gum Chewing gum has a long and fascinating history.  For 5,000 years humans have enjoyed chewing on bark tar, resin from the mastic tree and other plants and grasses.  American Indians made a form of gum from spruce tree sap.  But for most of our history, we have used chicle, a…
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